Upcoming Events

Join a Wildlife-Friendlier Fence Project

Help reduce barriers to wildlife movement and migration by removing or modifying barbed-wire fences with volunteers and staff from the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. Limited to the first 10 people. Registration required. Full day project.

Dates: September 25, October 19 (2021), June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23 (2022)

Contact: kyle@jhwildlife.org to sign up


Help Native Trout by Protecting River Vegetation

Work on a Wyoming ranch to help install fencing to protect restored native vegetation from being overgrazed with Trout Unlimited. Take part in building exclusionary “pods” which will allow cottonwoods and willows to regrow, while allowing wildlife access to move and migrate through the area. This project will help stabilize streambanks to improve trout habitat. Limited to the first 5 people. Registration required. Full day project.

Dates: October 28 or 29

Contact: leslie.steen@tu.org to sign up

Moose Day

Be part of the largest, one-day citizen science tradition in Teton County! Count moose in a pre-assigned area in Jackson Hole to help biologists gain a better understanding of the population and whereabouts of the Jackson Hole moose herd. Registration required. Half day event.

Contact info@jhwildlife.org to sign up.

Dates: February 2022 TBD

Bird-Banding with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Observe professional bird-banders capture, band, and release songbirds to better understand long-term population trends in the Rocky Mountains. This opportunity limited to 4 people. Registration required. One hour opportunity.   

Dates: 2022 June, July TBD 

Community Volunteer Days in Grand Teton National Park

Volunteer activity focused on improving trails in Grand Teton National Park. 

Dates: Summer 2022 TBD

Contact: angela_timby@nps.gov


Citizen-Science Wildflower Surveys

Help The Nature Conservancy of Wyoming collect data by participating in a wildflower survey along a couple of popular hiking trails near Jackson. This is a great way to personally help our local plants and wildlife adapt to the impacts of climate change. Limited to first 9 people. Registration required.

Dates: Summer 2022 TBD

Contact Trevor.Bloom@tnc.org


Volunteer Calendar

Whether you’re a third-generation local, or a first time visitor, we encourage you to become part of the culture and active conservation work that enables wildlife populations to thrive in Jackson Hole. Our Pitch In to Protect calendar offers you an opportunity to get involved.

Select community volunteer projects open to the public (“Pitch Ins”) will be advertised on this calendar when they occur. Please note: RSVPS are required to attend a Pitch In event. We request interested parties inquire about availability of a Pitch In by following the instructions in the calendar. Due to limitations on group size there is no guarantee of availability on any listed project.