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Ready to Make Your Wildlife Sightings Count?

The Nature Mapping Jackson Hole Program of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is a community-based citizen science project where volunteers record wildlife observations to create a long-term dataset. 

This dataset strives to fill wildlife observation and distribution needs not already covered by state and federal agencies or local research organizations.

You can contribute your wildlife observations simply by downloading our free app and reporting what you see!

Step 1) Download the Nature Mapping Jackson Hole App on your mobile device and create a user account.
Step 2) Select the project category JH Wildlife Observations. If you are on a wildlife tour, select the checkbox Wildlife Tours.
Step 3) Use the app to record any wildlife observations you make. Be sure to include location, time, date, and species.
  • Although we accept all observations, including a photo with your submission (from a safe and respectful distance) will make your observation more likely to be used in future data analysis.

What if I’d like to use the app to record wildlife observations but am not on a wildlife tour

Please email us at info@jhwildlife.org so we can walk you through the data collection protocol using the app. This process won’t take more than 10 minutes!

Where can I learn more about Nature Mapping Jackson Hole?

Visit the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation’s website at https://jhwildlife.org/our-work/nature-mapping/ to learn more!

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Being Wild Jackson Hole is an effort lead by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to help ensure survival of the wild spirit of this special place by embracing and promoting environmental stewardship, along with the values and actions that support it. We encourage visitors to learn about and participate fully in our conservation efforts.