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The abundance and diversity of Jackson Hole’s wildlife are gems which set us apart from other mountain town destinations.

If wildlife is to flourish here into the future, we need to ensure that they have the room to roam, that migration continues, and that we have actively engaged residents and visitors who ask questions, learn, and act together while celebrating a common value – wildlife!

Jackson Hole is a world-famous mecca for outdoor recreation. The partnership between recreation and conservation lie at the heart of what makes our community so special. We believe that by continuing to practice responsible recreation during your visit – everything from respecting winter wildlife closures to giving wild animals space on our trails – we can maintain this balance and our valley’s wildness for future generations.

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The last real mountain town and a refuge for the West’s rarest and most iconic wildlife.

Help us ensure the wonder of Jackson Hole endures.


Wildlife and wild lands are part of what makes Jackson Hole the last true mountain town.

Be Bear Aware


Respect Seasonal Wildlife Closures.

This includes both spring and fall seasonal closures as well as the core winter closures.


Store all food inside your home,
or when camping, store in your car or backcountry bear hang.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Being Wild Jackson Hole is an effort lead by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to help ensure survival of the wild spirit of this special place by embracing and promoting environmental stewardship, along with the values and actions that support it. We encourage visitors to learn about and participate fully in our conservation efforts.