Wild Neighborhoods


Help Keep It That Way

We believe a trip to Jackson Hole has the potential to inspire a lifetime of curiosity about the natural world!

The Wild Neighborhoods program is a coalition of local agencies and non-profits in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that provides homeowners with information and resources regarding proactive measures to reduce conflicts with wildlife and prepare for wildfire.

Wherever you’re visiting from, wherever you’re returning to, you may find resources on the Wild Neighborhoods program helpful as we work to be good neighbors to wildlife by reducing human-caused impacts on our wild neighbors.

Photo: EcoTour Adventures

Photo: EcoTour Adventures

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Being Wild Jackson Hole is an effort lead by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to help ensure survival of the wild spirit of this special place by embracing and promoting environmental stewardship, along with the values and actions that support it. We encourage visitors to learn about and participate fully in our conservation efforts.