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Celebrating Wildlife 

A Conservation Destination Unlike Any Other

Jackson Hole is a wild, scenically unique travel destination. We maintain our true wildness thanks to a tradition of preserving and stewarding our natural environment. This tradition, featuring world-class wildlife scientists and conservation leaders, still flourishes today in a globally significant way.

Over a century of land and wildlife conservation success stories to our name.

Jackson remains at the “headwaters” of the great American conservation movement and we’re proud of our unique legacy. Explore the true stories of amazing individual animals, conservation successes, and the trailblazing legacies of conservation pioneers who helped preserve and protect Jackson’s original wild sprit.

An unmatched, and growing, legacy of local wildlife champions.


Jackson Hole is located in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest, nearly intact ecosystems on Earth.


Wyoming is home to the longest land mammal migrations in the contiguous United States.


Jackson Hole is one of the only destinations in the contiguous United States where visitors have a chance to encounter wolves, bear and bison,
sometimes all in one day!

Photo Credit: EcoTour Adventures

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Being Wild Jackson Hole is an effort lead by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to help ensure survival of the wild spirit of this special place by embracing and promoting environmental stewardship, along with the values and actions that support it. We encourage visitors to learn about and participate fully in our conservation efforts.