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Cache Creek Study
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Cache Creek Study

Help the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Friends of Pathways and the U.S. Forest Service identify wildlife near Cache Creek trails so we can improve the area for both wildlife and people!

The Cache Creek area outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming is heavily used by people for recreation. It is also habitat for a range of wildlife. Our question is, how are the two uses interacting? Understanding how both people and wildlife are using the area will help the Forest Service better manage the area for both people and wildlife; that is, how can it best provide both quality wildlife habitat and recreation?

To help answer that question, this project is engaging volunteer citizen scientists from the community to record the use patterns recorded on images captured by a series of game cameras established in the area. In addition to collecting data, it is hoped that the volunteers will become more directly involved with U.S. Forest Service land management decisions.

The intention of this project is observe and record current conditions in the heavily used Cache Creek area and see how they match the desired conditions that were identified as part of the Jackson Trails Assessment. This assessment helped establish the ideal conditions and management direction for the Cache Creek area, through public input. Along with continued public input, this citizen science project will help determine whether those conditions are being achieved, or if management changes are necessary.

be part of real scientific research!

Whether you’re planning a visit to Jackson Hole or just returning home, be part of a real scientific research project by helping us classify trail camera images of wildlife!

cache creek study


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