Champions of Conservation

Meg & Bert Raynes

Meg and Bert Raynes moved to Jackson Hole in 1972 after living in Ohio and upstate New York. Their time here was imbued with a passion for philanthropy and a drive to give back to their community. They founded the Jackson Hole Bird Club for local people to meet and discuss nature sightings. Bert wrote Far Afield, a column in the Jackson Hole News and Guide about nature and conservation and he includes sightings from local people. They founded the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Foundation to help found wildlife and conservation projects in the area, include Nature Mapping Jackson Hole. They both received numerous awards for their work.

Bert Raynes

“I don’t see any way a person could just stand there and look at something that would help wildlife, all wildlife, and not try to do something to help those critters out… If there’s something that can be done to improve their lives or sustain their lives, do it. Actually, just do it.” 

Bert Raynes passed away in January, 2021. We thank Bert and admire his significant contributions to the public’s awareness of wildlife and the habitat necessary for its survival, and for teaching us how to be better stewards of the natural world.